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Everybody knows how important good dental care is for maintaining strong, healthy teeth. At Keith Pannell, D.D.S., we offer personal dental care for the entire family in a warm, friendly setting.  Visit us for all your family’s dental care needs, including:

  • Family dental practice
  • In-office conscience sedation available
  • Senior Citizens discount of 5%
    • New Patients Welcome 
    • Most Insurance Accepted with Complementary Benefits Assessment 
    • Dental Exams 
    • Dental X-Rays 
    • Implant Dentistry 
    • Snap On Dentures 
    • Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry 
    • Tooth Colored Fillings (Non Mercury) 
    • Happy Gas Relaxation 
    • Emergency Care Seen Same Day 
    • Interest Free Financing with Approved Credit







We also offer a full range of general dentistry services in a relaxed and convenient atmosphere.

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Q: "I know I need my teeth fixed, but honestly, I am scared to death! What can you do to help with my fear of dental treatment?"

A: Excessive anxiety is common in dentistry, some where between 6 percent and 14 percent of the U.S. population has this fear. 14 – 34 million people voluntarily avoid seeking dental care because of their fear of the dentist. This excessive anxiety causes a constant source of stress, and when the patient is excessively worried, it creates a difficult environment for the dentist as well.

For this reason, we offer an oral sedative called Halcion. It is in the valium family of drugs that greatly minimizes anxiety. It works extremely well in the dental office for patients afraid of dental care, and the medication wears off rapidly after the dental visit. The relaxed patient is able to then receive the dental treatment he or she requires in a much more comfortable state of mind. There are times when our patients report an amnesia feeling, reporting that they remember very little of the treatment they received. So, if fear and anxiety are keeping you from receiving the dental care that you need and deserve, than oral sedation may be right for you.

Q: "I am having problems with my dentures. Is there a way to help them fit better?"

A: Many people who wear dentures experience problems, such as dentures that shift, tilt, wander and create sore spots. They are unable to eat what they want due to the taste and feel of messy denture adhesives. Or they may simply fear smiling in public.

These problems can be addressed by the placement of miniature titanium implants. Only about 1/16 of an inch in diameter, these thin wonders are placed in the jaw at our dental office with local anesthesia or a light sedative to help make you more comfortable. Retention is provided by rubber 0-rings that fit in the denture allowing the denture to snap over the implants which reduce the natural lifting forces in chewing. This is a minimally invasive procedure that most times requires no sutures or extended healing time. The mini implant system allows you to eat more comfortably, laugh and talk with confidence that your denture is secure and held firmly in place. If you would like additional information concerning this amazing service, call today for a brochure and schedule an appointment to see if mini implants can help you have a better-fitting and more retentive denture.

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Q: "I don't smile. I just don't like the appearance of my teeth. How can I make them look great?"

A: When you smile, it makes you feel good. It is wonderful how a healthy beautiful smile can affect someone's whole attitude. If you are not happy with your smile, you might consider a smile makeover. Using metal-free all-porcelain restorations, we can correct your smile. If dark fillings, dull lifeless crowns, black shadows at the gum line, cracks, chips, stained teeth, missing or worn down teeth are a problem, it is now possible to restore your teeth to a natural and beautiful smile.

In the past, teeth were restored with porcelain bonded to metal crowns. These crowns are strong and durable but are more opaque in appearance. Today, all porcelain crowns are bonded to the front teeth to create a beautiful natural smile. The translucency of these crowns is amazing! The smile of your dreams can be yours in as few as two visits to our office. You will be pleased with the improved results and how quickly this can be achieved and how painless the procedures are. These are the same dramatic changes you may have seen on TV makeover shows.

So if you are unhappy with your teeth and would like to repair broken or chipped teeth, close a gap between teeth or just improve the overall appearance of your smile, than the all-porcelain restorations might be right for you. If you would like more information, just call the office and ask for a brochure, or schedule an appointment at our office to see if the all- porcelain restorations are right for you.

Q: "I have lost a tooth and need my chewing ability restored. What are my options?"

A: When a person has multiple missing teeth, the most cost-effective way to replace them is with a removable partial denture. This appliance can replace almost any tooth, no matter where it is in the arch: whether in the front, the back or both. With one simple partial denture, your chewing ability and self-confidence can quickly be restored.

Many of our patients prefer fixed dentistry as opposed to the removable partial denture. The fixed bridge is one or more replacement teeth attached to your natural teeth. It can be metal, porcelain or a combination of both. It is cemented to your natural teeth and is not meant to be removed. The fixed bridge feels more like natural teeth and functions quite like your natural teeth. This may be a more comfortable way to restore your chewing ability.

Dental implants are a third option to replace lost teeth and are an alternative to the partial denture or the fixed bridge. An implant is a titanium fixture much like the root of a tooth. It is inserted in the jaw and functions like a natural root of a missing tooth. The implant gives firm support for a crown, and therefore looks and functions like a natural tooth. This procedure requires several months from start to finish.

The advantages of the implant support crown are: 1) It looks and feels more like the tooth it replaces. 2) Dental hygiene is the same as with your natural teeth. 3) The implant supported crown does not require the loss of enamel to adjacent teeth. So, the option of an implant can generally be to restore function and appearance and provide years of service for a lost tooth. Should you desire additional information, feel free to contact our office or schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for these options.

Q: "I know I need my teeth fixed, but I just hate the black fillings that my dentist puts in my mouth. Is there any other way to fix my teeth?"

A: Please allow me to discuss the advantages of composites (tooth colored fillings) versus silver amalgam fillings

For our patients, we predominately restore small areas of decay with composite (tooth colored) fillings. The composite fillings are much improved over the old silver mercury fillings for several reasons.

First, they are chemically bonded to the tooth, thus, in a way, gluing the tooth together into one solid structure. This provides for a stronger tooth and minimizes fractures. The silver fillings on the other hand are simply pressed into the tooth cavity, and in a way, act as a wedge that often leads to a fractured cusp or split in the tooth. This often leads to the tooth being extracted. Secondly, there is little if any thermal response with the tooth-colored fillings. In contrast, the silver fillings conduct hot and cold sensitivity, which can be quite painful. Lastly, the composite fillings look like the tooth structure itself blending in and are almost indistinguishable from the other teeth.
So, in our office our patients much prefer a bonded, comfortable, tooth colored filling as compared to a pressed, cold- sensitive silver filling every time.

Q: "I wish my teeth were whiter. What is bleaching and will it lighten the color of my teeth?"


A: Aging, coffee, tea, wine, cokes and tobacco can cause tooth discoloration. Bleaching is a process that can lighten discolorations of most teeth.

The system uses a mild bleaching agent called carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide that is placed in a custom-made tray that are worn over your teeth. As the bleaching agents break down to oxygen, the oxygen then enters the enamel and dentin and bleaches the tooth to a lighter shade. Some people may experience temporary sensitivity to cold. These symptoms generally disappear within one to three days.

The results are for the most part permanent, but any substance that will stain your clothes will also stain your teeth to a degree. Your bleaching kit will have enough bleaching solution to do a touch-up once or twice a year.

If you desire a whiter, brighter smile and to regain a more youthful appearance in your smile, call our office today.


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